Our Isolate CBD Oil formula has NO THC, so is an ideal choice for anyone who may be drug tested for work or by their pain management doctor.
Our CBD Isolate tincture is formulated using pure crystalline CBD extracted from US-grown hemp plants of the highest quality. This extract is infused into medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. It is virtually odorless and tasteless.
For dosing information, we recommend using our dosage chart to determine the number of milligrams to take twice daily, about 12 hours apart.  You will find the dosage chart in the smaller photos under the main product photo.
After taking the starting dose for three days, if relief from symptoms is not achieved, increase your dose by 1-2 milligrams each day.  When you feel good, stop increasing and continue with the dosage that is working for you.  After a period of time, your symptoms may return.  This could mean that the dose that you are taking has become too much for you.  At this point you need to slowly decrease your dose until relief from symptoms is once again achieved.  At this point, you have found your maintenance dose and further adjustments should not be necessary.