HHC or Hexahydrocannabidial is a naturally occurring compound found in the seeds and pollen of hemp plant. Because it binds to different receptors than Delta-8 or Delta-10 THC, consumers that are regular THC users may have more of a response to this product than our other THC gummies. 

Even though different receptors are being stimulated in the body, the experience is very similar to that of Delta 9 or 10 THC. Most people find our HHC Gummies to be energizing, encourage creativity, and reduce anxiety and pain. 

For consumers using our THC products regularly, rotation of product is a great strategy to avoid building up a tolerance to your favorite products. That being said, this would be an excellent product to rotate with our Delta-10 THC or Delta-9  THC Gummies, as they don’t have a sedating effect on most people.

Available in a delicious 25mg or 50mg gummy. And when I say they are delicious…I mean it. You will want to eat more than you should. Don’t do it.