Delta-8 & CBD Super Tincture


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Our Delta-8 & CBD Super Tincture is a Nature's Oils exclusive packed with 1200 mg Delta-8 THC, 1200 mg CBD, 1200 mg CBG, 600 mg CBC and 300 mg CBN. Each of these unique cannabinoids interact in different ways with your body's endocannabinoid receptors supporting your body's ability to heal itself. 
Suggested starting dose is .25 ml or (37.5 mg). If the desired results are not achieved, slowly increase your dose as needed. We suggest waiting at least 45-60 mins between  doses as it may take time for this powerful tincture to kick in. Bottle contains 30 ml or 120 servings.
Wondering what CBG, CBC and CBN are good for? A quick Google search will tell you all you need to know. I suggest searching each one individually. We can't list the benefits here due to legal reasons.
Drops are unflavored and have almost no taste whatsoever. 🙂  This product contains THC and will cause consumer to show positive on a drug screening.

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