Joyful * Pain Relief Amanita Muscaria Mushroom gummies 7-count


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We are incredibly excited to introduce our Joyful Pain Relief Amanita Muscaria Mushroom gummies. Who knew that such an adorable mushroom also has such amazing health benefits? Our customers, friends and family have reported the following:

Joy- Many people find Amanita Muscaria helpful in alleviating the symptoms of depression and other mood disorders. 

Relief from Pain and Neuropathy Symptoms- Amanita Muscaria is a powerful pain killer. It not only helps with arthritis pain, but we have seen it work well on the nerve pain associated with neuropathy. We know what a big deal that is!

Libido Enhancing- Taking Amanita regularly can enhance sexual sensitivity and increase libido. Works well for both men and women.

Relaxation & Sleep- Amanita is an adaptogen. This mean that it is unlikely to make you sleepy when you take it unless you are already tired. It isn’t sedating. Many people use it to help the relax and fall asleep. Possible side effects/ benefits could include intense or vivid dreams.

Behavior/ Habit modification- Many people use mushrooms intentionally to create change in their life. By taking a plant ally with a purpose we can get the support we need to accomplish that intention. 

Decide what you would like to change. Write it down. Take a daily dose of Amanita to support that intention. You can even tell the pill what you want it to do. ( Nope, I am not crazy.) After 21 days reflect on the intention. Most people notice a dramatic change. Common intentions mentioned in research were; giving up alcohol, giving up sugar, quitting cigarettes, or craving healthier foods. Many people ask me what I have to help them lose weight. This is the best thing that I have found yet because it helps me make long term changes to my habits. Please send your success stories, I would love to share with others!

How much should I take? 

A micro dose is anywhere between 1-4 gummies at a time taken 1-2 times daily. 

We always recommend that you start with the lowest dose and slowly increase until you see the results you are looking for.

Why are the bottles in multiples of 21? 

Research has shown that taking Amanita in three-week cycles is the most beneficial. Does that mean I can’t take it every day?  No! You can take them how ever you see fit.   However you may find that by taking a break you feel just as good when you take them as when you don’t.

Who should NOT take Amanita Muscaria?

Pregnant and/or breast-feeding mothers. People suffering from severe mental disorders such a bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. 

Final Note: For those of you with experience taking different kinds of mushrooms you may already know that mushrooms are teachers. While taking Amanita or other mushrooms many people find that things are brought to their awareness more frequently. It may be something that irritates you that you didn’t notice before. You may feel like you need to make changes. If it feels like you are being taught a little too fast, you can give yourself a few days off from taking Amanita. However if you tune in and take the lesson you will find that you can make incredibly powerful changes in your life. Enjoy!

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